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Electrical engineering - power systems and automation

University: Lübeck University of Technology
Department: Electrical engineering and computer science
Location: Lübeck
Degree: Bachelor
Start of study:
Winter semester ,

Short description

The energy transition is a major challenge. Its success is extremely important for all of us! The resulting tasks are the focus of the specialization Energy Systems of the study program Electrical Engineering - Energy Systems and Automation. In this specialization, the focus is on modern and regenerative-based electrical energy systems. The planning, design and operation of generation plants, controllable consumers, storage systems and grids are dealt with. In addition to the individual components, their interaction in an intelligent network is also considered. In addition, important basics of automation are taught in order to be able to use and link the various components in the energy system in a meaningful way.

Facts about the study

Area of study
Energy engineering ,
German ,
Standard period of study
7 Semesters
Costs per Semester
266,5 €
Admission requirements
General university entrance qualification, high school diploma, advanced technical college entrance qualification, special professional qualification
Occupational profiles
Professional activity in companies of power engineering and power industry, as well as their service providers, planning, projecting, engineering and operational optimization of renewable generation plants, planning, projecting, engineering and operational optimization of electrical networks.

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