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University: Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel
Department: Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Location: Kiel
Degree: Master
Start of study:
Winter semester , Summer semester ,

Short description

Physics explores the operating principles of nature from fundamental concepts to technical applications. Physical principles are the basis of numerous processes in environmental and energy technology, from photovoltaics to fuel cells, electrolysis and batteries. Relevant research topics in these areas are addressed in the solid state physics, surface physics, and plasma physics departments of Kiel Physics. At a time when lifelong learning is in demand, a degree in physics provides you with an excellent foundation for working in a wide range of professional fields in the energy and environment sectors. The master's degree in physics provides in-depth specialist knowledge and the ability to carry out critical, independent scientific work in current research areas.

Facts about the study

Area of study
Energy engineering , Climate protection & Resources ,
German , English ,
Standard period of study
4 Semesters
Costs per Semester
63 €
Admission requirements
The prerequisite for admission to the master's program is a completed bachelor's degree in the corresponding field or an equivalent degree. Information on the aptitude test, proof of qualifications according to the examination regulations and study qualification statutes, and enrollment can be found at:
Occupational profiles
Software development, environmental diagnostics, consulting, research and development in companies in the field of chemistry or electrical engineering, work in non-university research institutes (e.g. Max Planck Institutes, Helmholtz Institutes, Fraunhofer Institutes), patenting, after subsequent doctoral studies also access to careers in management and in science

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