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Marlies Wiegand (M.Sc.) studied environmental and sustainability sciences at Leuphana University Lüneburg (and at TUHH) after graduating from high school in Kassel. In 2015, she became a research assistant at Leuphana University at the Faculty of Sustainability, in the Sustainability Research Energy group under Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Ruck and later Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Bollow. Since 2019, Marlies Wiegand has been working at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences, in a group-leading role, in which she has already successfully acquired and completed several third-party funded projects. Currently she is in charge of the projects ErdEisIII, Hypipe, Thermpump35, GWPuSH, and OASEE (pro rata). Marlies Wiegand has also initiated the series Interdisciplinary Energy Research of the ITE, which has already produced more than 10 issues.
M.Sc. Sustainability Sciences, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Research Associate, Leuphana University Lüneburg (2015 - 2018)
Research assistant (senior) with group leader function, FH Westküste, Heide (2019 - ongoing)

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Research level
PhD candidate
Area of research
Energy engineering , Energy economics , Society & Transformation , Climate protection & Resources ,
Research topic
Sustainability, environmental chemistry, energy research, transformation/transition, heat transition, corrosion in heating and cooling systems, integration of heat pumps, drinking water hygiene, ultrafiltration, hydrogen embrittlement, optimization of a hall ventilation concept, model predictive control
Research institute
Westküste University of Applied Sciences
Research institute location
Faculty Technology
Institute for the Transformation of the Energy System

Publications and projects

Selected publications
Installation of an ultrafiltration plant in a multi-family house to reduce the hot-water temperature and energy demand: A case study in Germany
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Simultaneity in Renewable Building Energy Supply—A Case Study on a Lecturing and Exhibition Building on a University Campus Located in the Cfb Climate Zone
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Growth of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria Gallionella ferruginea and Leptothrix cholodnii in Oligotrophic Environments: Ca, Mg, and C as Limiting Factors and G. ferruginea Necromass as C-Source
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Selected sponsored projects
ErdEis III - Vom Erdeisspeicher zum netzaktiven Prosumer-Quartier
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BTGA practical guide for non-residential buildings
Energy transitionBuilding
Alliance North German Heat Research